To say that DJ Mindaugelis is one of the busiest and most successful DJs in Lithuania is not an understatement. The professionals agree that he is one of the most technical DJs in the Baltic States and one of the most outstanding names in modern Baltic dance music culture, who has won recognition from the critics, including awards such as being officially named “Best Lithuanian DJ”.

More success abroad

One of the dream of DJs was carried out in 2004 – together with partners they have founded one of the most popular club “Global” in small Lithuanian town Klaipeda, where they fully realize their musical and creative ideas. Managed by Mindaugelis Global club became cult – club for many world Top dance music stars. For those who like clubbing with great sound and crowd, Global was a must visit place. In year 2009 club Global was ranked for “The DJ Mag TOP 100 World club pool” by an Influental English club magazine DJ Mag.

James Zabiela (a famous British DJ), has a long-term close friendship with Mindaugelis. James Zabiela along with M&M (J.Zabiela has agreed to play in Baltic States only with M, while turning down invitations from others to play in this region), has been playing multiple shows around Baltic since 2003. This strong friendship re-echoes in James Zabiela`s Renaissance album, where Mindaugelis voice has been used. Soul-mates in music and friends off-stage they became a strong team in Dance Music arena entertaining crowd around the places.


First single of Mindaugelis & Marius Sun Rising became the anthem of the most popular Lithuanian dance music event Pure Future in 2005 – this outstanding production of national character combines Lithuanian historical classic with modern house sounding. It was re-mixed by many famous producers, such as Luis Paris from Plastic Fantastic.

In October, 2006 together with Andrius Alien (Happyendles DJ team) they released a remix of Swain&Paris track “Tykes Groove” under the Dave Seaman label Therapy Sessions. In year 2008 another remix for Stu Hirst “Big rooms bigger tunes” (Mindaugelis with Andrius Alien ) was released on Global Underground. In year 2012 Kreature – You Can (Markas & Mindaugelis Remix) was released on Kumasi.

In the spotlights

Guys always proof idea of tech-progy-house music center has moved to Lithuania! Duo, whose status is more recognized abroad then in their homeland Lithuania. After a couple of years traveling around with solo gigs visiting mostly all the dancing spots and doing very strong feedbacks and remixes, the couple have decided to come back to roots with massive tour gigs supported already 10 years anniversary back2back on the scene.

Mindaugelis & Marius have the honour to debut the Japan. With their trade mark ‘international – tech-progy-house’ sound they serve the estimated Tokyo party people a dish of quality dance music being a headliners at the Amate Raxi club Anniversary party at Tokyo. 10 years anniversary back2back tour celebrating – it is clear that Marius & Mindaugelis are in the spotlights!

There’s no use of fooling by copying and imitating. Searching for one’s own in an ascetic manner, using the language of music to introduce meaningful melodies to the masses while giving your best is what drives me.


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